Pinnacle Training Systems was formed in 2009 by Dr. Felicia Gomez to help individuals and companies reach their health, fitness, and athletic goals. With over 20 years of experience in the fitness and wellness field, Dr. Gomez has unparalleled expertise in transforming personal health.
Pinnacle Training Systems Founder


Corporate Wellness Leaders. THERE IS NO OTHER COMPANY BETTER QUALIFIED TO IMPROVE THE OVERALL HEALTH & WELLNESS OF YOUR EMPLOYEES. We will work with you to create a customized workplace program that meets the needs of YOUR company. By using the Pinnacle WEB PORTAL, you will have access to real time outcome measures at your finger tips. Call or email us for more information.
Corporate Wellness


Watch our website "Events' page &/or our Facebook page for annual Pinnacle sponsored events in the community. You won't want to miss the opportunity to 'Rock the Dots' while having fun and meeting old and new friends who enjoy being active and healthy.


Want to improve the fitness and productivity of your officers and firefighters? Pinnacle is one of only a few health and wellness companies who specialize in this very specific health arena and have a proven record for improving the health and wellness of the men and women in law enforcement and fire fighting departments. You won't find another company better suited to meet the needs of your employees.

Pinnacle Nutrition for Athletes

Join us for an 8-week webinar series focused on providing athletes with the proper tools and education to optimize their training! Whether you are a Pinnacle Athlete, or just wish to get the most out of your active lifestyle, this series is for you.

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