Health Screenings

Wellness Solutions / Pinnacle Training Systems will bring our own equipment to your place of work and provide the on-site screening to each of your participants. Each screening is one-on-one, private, and confidential. Our health screening includes:

Health Risk Assessments

Health risk appraisals (HRAs) can give a company valuable information about their employee’s health status. In addition, it gives the employees a comprehensive overview of the current health and areas for improvement.

Our HRA can be done via paper and pencil or on line. Results are provided in an easy to read and understand format with behavior change suggestions that are simple to implement. Our HRA examines all aspects of well-ness including social and family ties, physical activity and nutrition habits, tobacco and alcohol consumption, as well as environmental habits and activities.

If required, our HRA can be provided in Spanish and Hmong.

Biometric Screening

Biometric screening is a short health assessment that determines the risk level for certain diseases and medical conditions. This screening helps you know your numbers by measuring key health stats such as blood pressure, percent body fat and cholesterol.

All biometric screenings can be done on-site, is one-on-one, private, and confidential. The basic screening, which includes blood pressure, waist circumference, waist to hip ratio and body composition analysis, only takes approximately 10 minutes. Each participant will be given their results immediately and be able to compare their health parameters with the most recent recommended ranges by the American Medical Association and all other major health organizations. Glucose and a lipid profile are the most common blood measures assessed, however we work with each individual client to determine the appropriate disease risk parameters to measure.

Wellness Solutions / Pinnacle Training Systems use the best industry technology to assess disease risk variables. Results will be available within 5-7 days and will be sent to each individual.